PSIA Level 1 Sample Exam Questions

PSIA LogoHere are some sample PSIA Level I questions I came up with for the Level 1 candidates I was training last night:

  • We can glide (parallel) and stop using a wedge. Using a parallel progression, introduce turning.
  • We can glide (parallel) and stop using a wedge. Using a wedge progression, introduce turning.
  • We are never-ever skiers who just showed up for a lesson with you. Introduce yourself, start the lesson, explain the equipment and do some boot work.
  • We are never-ever skiers who just showed up for a lesson with you. We’ve gone through an introduction and some boot work. Explain the skier’s athletic stance and do some boot work using that stance.
  • We’ve learned how to do the athletic stance and some boot work. Do some exercises with one ski on and then two skis on so that we can get ready to learn stopping and turning in future lessons.
  • We can glide (parallel) but we don’t know how to stop yet. Guide us through how to stop using a wedge.
  • We can stop and turn and we’re ready to go up the mountain on our first run. Explain how to safely load, ride and unload a lift. When we get to the top, give us some safety tips.
  • Teach skiers to turn using a wedge in a fan progression.
  • Teach skiers to turn using step turns in a fan progression.

We got a lot done and worked on benchmarks, too. It was fun for me because I felt like an examiner. It’s great getting knowledge and then being able to pass it on to others to help them.

psia-level-1-study-guide-250x332PSIA Level 1 Exam Guide

If you would like more guidance to taking your Level 1 exam, then check out my PSIA Level 1 Exam Guide.

In it, you’ll find out how to prepare for the exam, how to structure your lessons, how to get ready for the written exam as well as some more sample exam questions which will help you study for the exam.

Most people pass the exam but not everyone does. Not hearing your name called at the end of the event is not fun… I’ve been there. The more you can prepare, the better chances you’ll have of passing.

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