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PSIA Level 1 Study GuideMy Journey to Level 1 Alpine: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 1 Exam

UPDATED FOR 2022 (not the Amazon version yet)

The PSIA Level 1 Exam is the introduction into getting certified with the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA). Having certification can help you get more lessons and give you the tools to help your beginning skiing students even more.

The great thing about Level 1 is that it’s fairly easy to pass. The examiners help you and want you to pass but there are standards and if you don’t meet them, you’ll fail. I know because I failed the first time. Sure, there were extenuating circumstances when I took it and they let me take it again for free and I passed but not everyone passes the Level 1 exam.

If you don’t have good coaches that are helping you, your chances of failure do go up. Not all ski areas have good coaching, so if you fall into that group, this book can help guide you and get your prepared for the exam. Or even if you have some coaching but you want to make sure you’re prepared for the exam, I’d encourage you to get this guide. You can’t really be too prepared, right?

In this guide, you’ll get tips on:

  • How to prepare for the exam
  • How the exam format looks
  • How to format your lesson
  • What to include during your presentation
  • How to get your skiing ready

The book has practice exam questions and I guide you how to give a good lesson that the examiners will be impressed with.

A Primer for Level 2

Not only does this guide help you get ready for Level 1 but I lays a foundation to spring you forward to taking your Level 2 Exam. Many of the same tips I give in my Level 2 guide, I give you in this book. If you follow this book and then go for Level 2, you’ll already be part way there.

"My Beginner Ski Lesson" by Tony HermanBonus #1: My Beginner Ski Lesson

Worth $3.99

This book is my general beginning skiing lesson all written out. Of course, I do change it up depending on the group or for other reasons but this is the general lesson I teach to people who have never, ever skied before.

When you read this book, you’re getting what I would say during my beginner ski lesson. Seeing how my lesson is may help you with your lesson.

Whenever ski instructors hear other instructors give lessons, we usually pick up one or more things that we like and want to include in our own lessons when we teach new students. Seeing what another, experienced instructor teaches is therefore helpful.

Of course, you’ll want to take what I have here and make it your own by using your own words. This is my whole lesson and with your exam, you’ll take sections of what is here and create smaller lessons.

"My Beginner Skiing Lesson With Commentary" by Tony HermanBonus #2: My Beginner Ski Lesson with Commentary

Worth $3.99

As an added bonus, here’s my beginner lesson but with my commentary explaining why I’m saying the things I do. I use specific wording and do things in a specific order for a few reasons and you’ll find my comments in red throughout the lesson.

I did it this way so that you can first read the lesson without the comments and try to pick out what you think is important the first time you read it and then read it again with my comments to see if you were right. It’s kind of like watching a movie with the commentary turned on.

Understanding why I say what I do will help you not only do well on your exam but really understand why I say things and do things the way I do. Once you understand why, it’s in your head and you then own it. You can then make it your own and this will give you more confidence on the exam and when you teach your lessons to the public.

This special edition is only available in this package and cannot be purchased separately – only available here.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I want to make sure you love this book and the information in it. I’m happy to pass my knowledge on and do my best to help you.

If you read this book and you think it’s complete garbage and you don’t think it’ll help you at all, I’ll give you your money back within 30 days of purchase – no questions asked… well, I actually might ask why you didn’t like it but I won’t argue with your decision at all. I want to make sure that this book is beneficial to you.

This offer can only be applied if you buy the PDF version of the book from me (not the electronic version of this book on


I want you to be ready for the exam, so go buy the Alpine Technical Manual from PSIA (if you haven’t yet) and also buy my books now to read after. Put in the time and you’ll be ready. I believe my book is a great guide to help get you there.

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You get these 7 things:

  • My Journey to Level 1 Alpine: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 1 Exam
  • My Beginner Ski Lesson
  • My Beginner Ski Lesson with Commentary
  • My Journey to Level 2 Alpine: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 2 Exam
  • MP3 Audio Versions (of Level 2 book)
  • PSIA Level 2 Exam Sample Questions and Workbook
  • PSIA Level 2 Exam Resources

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You’re going to spend money/time on:

  • Exam fees
  • Travel / gas / hotel / food expenses
  • The Alpine Technical Manual and other books
  • Lift tickets at the exam
  • Time studying / practicing

Why not spend a few bucks on a guide from someone who has gone through that experience?

There’s going to be something in the book that’ll help you – I’m guaranteeing that.

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