My Level 1 Students Pass!

3 of my level 1 students
3 of My Level 1 Students This Year – I’m Proud!

Again this year, I coached a group of 5 people going for PSIA Alpine Level 1 and they all passed! They did great at the exam and pretty much breezed through it. They had a good, healthy nervousness going through it and before it, I encouraged them telling them that the fact they came out for extra coaching says a lot and that gives them a big advantage.

I’ve been doing this 4-5 years now and still maintain my 100% pass rate but its my students doing the work. They work hard, practice, and bring their “A” game at the exam. I’m very proud of them!

If you’re going for Level 1, go through the beginner lesson. Say it out loud. I even practice progressions and things in the car by speaking it out loud as I drive. There’s something about getting the words from your brain and out of your mouth that really helps. And then practice the Level 1 benchmarks so doing is natural and easy. This means you need to take a bunch of runs and just do garlands or whatever. Get them nailed down.

Finally, for sure memorize the 5 skiing fundamentals. Know them word for word.

If you can, get a coach – someone who is a Level 2 or Level 3 instructor. If you’re fortunate enough to have an Ed. Staff person nearby, get in on their clinics.

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