PSIA Central Level 2 Videos for 2019-2020

Skier going down a hill a bit too fast and out of control because of a number of reasons
Mark has too much pressure on his uphill ski, causing the downhill ski to slide away during his turn. This is most likely caused because he’s sitting back in his stance.


The New Movement Analysis Videos are Up!

Go watch Levi, Susan, Mark, Conner, Carrie, Tommy, Maddie, Annette, Dan, Donner, and Blitzen (just kidding about the last two) ski.

They’re right here on YouTube.

Watch the videos and make sure you’re looking for where people’s weight (pressure) is. That will tell you a lot.

For example:

  • Are they forward or back in their stance?
    • Does it change throughout the turn?
  • Is a ski getting away from them?
    • There’s probably not much weight on it.
  • Are they following their skis (square) or are they looking down the hill?
    • Being square will be little to no upper/lower body separation
  • Are skis parallel throughout the turn?
    • What part of the turn does it change?
  • What movements do they use to make a turn?
    • Does it start at the feet?
    • Does it start in the upper body?
  • What does the turn shape look like?
  • Are there high or low edge angles?

Use MODDS to help you come up with a plan.

And hey… get my Level 2 book!


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