PSIA Level 2 Study Guide

“How to Pass the PSIA Alpine Level 2 Exam
Even if You Don’t Have a Coach”

When I Took the Level 2 Exam,
Only 2 of out 7 of Us Passed…

Another guy and I passed. The rest did not. I could tell they were not as ready as I was.

Heck, that was my second time taking it. Yes, I failed the first time but when I did, I knew exactly what I had to work on, so that was a good thing for me.

I took the exam the second time and nailed it. I stood out above the others in the group because I had prepared, was confident, and ready.

It was great being in the exam actually knowing I was doing well instead of wondering.

I was fortunate to have some great coaches and support as I took my journey toward the ski instructor certification Level 2.

I want to make sure others have the kind of guidance I did, so I put it all in a book…

My Journey to Level 2 Alpine:
What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 2 Exam

PSIA Level 2 Study Guide


If you’re a ski instructor looking to go for your PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) Level 2 Alpine Certification, then this guide will help you study and hopefully pass the exam.

This 69-page study guide (PDF download) includes:

  • How to study for the exam
  • What to study for the written test and for the 3-day exam
  • How to prepare and get yourself ready for the 3-day exam
  • How to put together a good lesson
  • How to choose the right exam location
  • How to get your skiing ready
  • PSIA Level 2 teaching progressions

You also get all my notes from actual exams, mock exams, and prep courses I’ve taken.

I’ve even included the feedback I received from examiners so you can see what they’re looking for.

It’s all together in this one book for you

Why Did I Write This Study Guide?

I wrote this book because I had a lot of good training but I realized that not everyone going for the exam had the resources I did. My coaches really helped me prepare and I want to pass on the knowledge I gained to others who want to reach Level 2 and beyond.

I took the exam twice. The first time, I was close and then I passed it the second time. I’ve also done two Level 2 Prep events and a Level 2 Mock Exam events. I’ve had coaches helping me and I put in a lot of work to pass but I didn’t have a book to help me, so I wrote one.

What You Get:

  • Notes that I wrote up after my Level 2 Exam (7 pages)
  • Notes from the Mock Level 2 Exam (2 pages)
  • Teaching progressions from the exam
  • Notes from another instructor who took and passed the Level 2 (11 pages)
  • The exact feedback that I got from examiners when I took the PSIA Level 2
  • An edge up on everyone else! You’ll be prepared!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Prepare to Prepare
    • What You Need
    • Books, Materials, Resources
    • Put in the Time – On and Off the Snow
    • Find a Mentor / Coach
    • How the Exam Works
  • It’s Exam Day!
    • Choosing an Exam Event
    • When You Get There
    • A Preview
  • Off Snow Study
    • Your Quiver
    • Which Part of the Turn?
    • Hangers and Other Exercises
    • Your Wedge to Parallel Lesson
    • Fill Your Quiver
  • How to Put Together a Lesson
    • After the Lesson
    • How to Study and Get Better
  • Your Skiing
  • Exam Notes Section
  • My Exam Notes
  • My Mock Exam Notes
  • Kyle’s Exam Notes
  • My Feedback from Examiners
  • Final Conclusion

There is a lot packed a lot in here. I think the key section in this book is where you get a blueprint for putting together a lesson. It’s a blueprint that works for the exam and it’s easy. If you stick to it, you’ll succeed.

With this book, you’ll get a really good feel for what the exam will be like and tons of good info about what you need to do to pass it. I’ve set a reasonable price for it since I know us ski instructors aren’t typically rolling in the dough. Your risk is low. I can’t improve your skiing (that’s up to you) but I can prep you for the exam and give you the tools you need when you’re up for teaching your lesson.

What People Are Saying

A Must Read
“Tony’s book has clarified concepts and test procedures that have eluded me for over 10 years. He does so with a delightful sense of humor and personality that makes this a must read for anyone wishing to advance themselves in the PSIA.”
– Lynn M.

I Would Have Gladly Paid Ten Time More!
“Tony, I just posted a review for My Journey to Level 2 Alpine. Thank you SO MUCH. This is just dynamite. I would have gladly paid 10x this amount for what you have provided. My very best wishes to you. Dr. Christopher Evans (soon to be Level 2 – thanks to you!!!!)”
– Christopher Evans

I Passed Children’s 1!
“Tony, I just passed my Children’s Specialist 1, in part, due to you. Four out of 17 people did not pass. Thanks so much for your book on Journey to Level 2.”
– Chris

This Book is a Great Asset
“I found the material very relevant and helpful. I think each skier needs a good coach and lots of practice too. But your book is a great asset. I would highly recommend it to any candidates for level 2! Many thanks for your kind help!”
– Elle G.

Excerpts From Amazon Reviews

“A great book that binds it all together!!!”

“I read this book in very little time and I am amazed on how well is organized and structured.”

“What a book! Tony has created a real keeper in this Level 2 Exam guide.”

“I choose this rating based on my experience as a certified Level 2 instructor and as an accredited Level 2 trainer – it is spot on.”

“Very informative from the beginning to the end!! I can’t wait to start studying for my level 2!! Thank you!!”

“It provides very good and simple guidance on how prepare for your on the snow exam as well as how to prepare for your written exam.”

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level-2-workbook-238x329PSIA Level 2 Exam Sample Questions and Workbook

This book contains 50 sample exam questions for the PSIA Level 2 Alpine Exam. The workbook section has space to fill in 20 lessons that you prepare. This workbook will guide you through studying for the exam and help you work through real possible exam questions.

I include the lesson format that I explain in the main book to help you get used to using it. By the time you do 20 of them, you’ll easily be able to use this format when you take your exam.

This PDF book is automatically included when you purchase the book through me – no need to add it to the cart separately. This book is not included with any purchases through Amazon.

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level-2-resources-238x329PSIA Level 2 Exam Resources

To pass the exam, you’ll need to study. It’s important to know what to study so that you get a handle on all the material you need to know.

You also get this checklist of resources to help make sure you get all the books, videos and other resources you need to help you study for the exam. Since my book works best in combination with books like the Alpine Technical Manual and other books, it’s best to get this list and know what you need to know.

It includes links to resources so you don’t have to search around for all that you need.

This checklist is included with your purchase of my book through me and not included with a purchase of my book on Amazon.

I’ve priced the book to be very affordable since I know what it’s like to be a ski instructor (we don’t make much) and because I don’t have a fancy-shancy marketing plan to sell this book. I’m keeping the price low right now but it could be raised up at any time.

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buy-kindleSure, you could just read the Alpine Technical Manual and hope for the best. It’s a great book and you definitely should read and study it but is that enough to guide you through passing the exam?

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guarantee-badge100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I want to make sure you love this book and the information in it. I’m happy to pass my knowledge on and do my best to help you.

If you read this book and you think it’s complete garbage and you don’t think it’ll help you at all, I’ll give you your money back within 30 days of purchase – no questions asked… well, I actually might ask why you didn’t like it but I won’t argue with your decision at all. I want to make sure that this book is beneficial to you.

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Just like our skiing students learn from us,
why not learn how to pass the Level 2 Exam from someone who has?

I took it twice. On the second time, out of 7 people,
only myself and one other guy passed.

Were the rest of the people not prepared as well as I was?
No, they were not!

Make sure you’re prepared.

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  • My Beginner Ski Lesson with Commentary
  • My Journey to Level 2 Alpine: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 2 Exam
  • MP3 Audio Versions (of Level 2 book)
  • PSIA Level 2 Exam Sample Questions and Workbook
  • PSIA Level 2 Exam Resources

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