Level 1 Ski Instructors jumping

Another Group Passes Level 1 Alpine!

Well, this one was a little bit of a nail-biter, but the group I was training all passed Level 1. Congratulations to Annie, Mike, Damon, Craig, Evan, and Soren. A month back, both Jack and Cooper passed as well at their event. I still have my 100% pass rate, but they did all the work. […]

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Tony Herman with skis

My Killer Level 1 Wedge Turn Progression

I went out and did training with the Level 1 candidates last night and I decided to come up with a killer wedge progression for them – as a gift. It’s something they can copy and use on their Level 1 exam if they want. It turned out pretty well. I think if they presented […]

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Level 1 Alpine Certification Resources

Here is information that’s more specific to people taking their Level 1 exam at Cascade Mountain this year, but this is information others may benefit from as well. What happened starting last year, was the exam changed a bit. PSIA is trying to get all divisions doing things the same. There is probably some good […]

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3 of my level 1 students

My Level 1 Students Pass!

Again this year, I coached a group of 5 people going for PSIA Alpine Level 1 and they all passed! They did great at the exam and pretty much breezed through it. They had a good, healthy nervousness going through it and before it, I encouraged them telling them that the fact they came out […]

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Skier going down a hill a bit too fast and out of control because of a number of reasons

PSIA Central Level 2 Videos for 2019-2020

  The New Movement Analysis Videos are Up! Go watch Levi, Susan, Mark, Conner, Carrie, Tommy, Maddie, Annette, Dan, Donner, and Blitzen (just kidding about the last two) ski. They’re right here on YouTube. Watch the videos and make sure you’re looking for where people’s weight (pressure) is. That will tell you a lot. For […]

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Ski instructor training at Cascade Mountain

Training for PSIA Level One

Beginning in December, I’ve been working with everyone going for PSIA Level I. We’ve had a number of meetings to train so far and they’ve gone really great. Here’s a summary of our sessions: Day One (12/5/18) – Introduction Went over requirements Started teaching 20 minute segments of the beginner lesson on the snow Everyone […]

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Cascade Mountain beginner area

Some More PSIA Level 2 Exam Tips

Over the last, few weeks, I’ve been working with the instructors going for their Level 1 (along with training new hires) but last week I was able to work with an instructor going for Level 2. This inspired me to write up a few tips that will help people going for the Level 2 exam. […]

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PSIA Level 2 Exam Help

It’s that time of the year when people are going for Level 2 Alpine. I know that because I was studying hard just 2 years ago. Last night at our weekly clinic, I was helping to give feedback to others who are going for Level 2 this year. Next week, I’ll be giving even more […]

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Cascade Fest 2017

Congrats to New Level 1 Instructors!

We all had a fun weekend at Cascade-Fest this year. I was honored to help coach 2 PSIA Level 1 Alpine candidates and they (Andre and Dani) both passed! They put in the work and they deserve it. I also got my PSIA Children’s Specialist 1 Accreditation.

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Pass the PSIA Level 1 Exam

PSIA Level 1 Exam Study Guide is Out!

Need Help Passing the PSIA Level 1 Exam? After the successful release of my book for the PSIA Level 2 Exam, I’ve released a book to help ski instructors pass the PSIA Level 1 Exam. The book is called: My Journey to Level 1: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 1 Exam. In the […]

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