About Me

Cascade Mountain Ski Lessons

Tony Herman

  • PSIA Alpine Level 1 Certified
  • PSIA Alpine Level 2 Certified
  • PSIA Children’s Specialist 1 Accreditation
  • PSIA Adaptive Level 1 Cognitive/Visually Impaired
  • 2017 NASTAR Men’s Bronze 45-49 Medalist

Hi, my name is Tony and I’m a ski instructor in the Midwestern United States. I teach private beginner and intermediate ski lessons. My home ski hill is Cascade Mountain in Portage, WI.

tony-teachingI am available for private ski lessons on most weekends. I’ve taught kids as young as 3 years old up to beginners who are 60 years old (I got her from barely standing on skis to stopping and turning down a green run in one hour). I love teaching people a lifetime sport. I emphasize safety and do my best to make the lesson fun and interesting.

Intermediate Ski Lessons

My favorite lessons are with people who have had some beginner ski lessons and want to move on from there. You could call them intermediate ski lessons. I’ll take either but those are the most fun for me because I can build on what you know, refine your skiing to help get you to the next level.

As always, improving will take work on your part but you’ll get there a lot faster with expert help!

My Lessons

In each lesson, I’ll evaluate your skiing and then we’ll work on what we both feel are things you could benefit from. I’ll give you a bunch of tools / exercises to help you ski better. You’ll be able to practice those things on your own after our lesson. When we meet next, I’ll take a look at where you are and we’ll go from there. I’ll work with you to see that “light go on” and so that you see an improvement in your skiing.

You won’t become an expert skier in one lesson or even three lessons. It’s a lifetime sport. I even take a lesson or two every week since I’m trying to get better, too. In the fall, I study skiing some more so that I’m at my best when the season starts. I look forward to winter now when I used to like summer more.

Where I’ve Skied

I’ve skied in Colorado, Utah, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Arizona so far. I’ve got plenty of places on my list. I’d even like to ski in Europe and Canada some day. My favorite place is wherever there’s snow – yeah, that’s the best answer to give to that question. Actually, if I had to pick one place, it would be at the Canyons in Utah. Love it there!

What Else I Do

I went to school for video and film production and that somehow turned into website design but I really like doing that. I like to kayak, camp, ride my road bike, snowboard, hit the race track and watch the Packers play in Green Bay. I’m a drummer and I’ve played some other instruments, too. I like writing but only when I can’t be outside skiing.

For me, skiing is a great way to get outside in winter instead of sitting in an office in front of a computer. It’s exercise, it’s fresh air and you get to meet a lot of great people.

Come Ski With Me!

Please request a private ski lesson with me at Cascade Mountain in Portage, Wisconsin or contact me directly to set it up.

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