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Come Ski With Me!

ski-tony-cascadeI kind of copied that phrase and my domain name from another instructor but I like that we’d ski together instead of getting a lesson. Skiing together just sounds like more fun, right?

When you book a lesson with me, we’ll figure out what goals you have and then take steps to get there. We’ll partner to come up with ways to help you ski better. It might not all happen in one lesson but you’ll be given a few things to focus on so that you can work on those things as you ski.

With most people, they want to have more fun skiing, be able to keep up with their friends, have more energy / ski longer and be able to ski tougher runs. Let’s work together to accomplish those goals!

Afraid of the cold? Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

Safety is my top priority.

Private Ski Lessons – Beginner/Intermediate

I teach lessons at Cascade Mountain in Portage, WI and all lessons can be booked through the Snow Sports School desk (608-742-5588).

I’d suggest a private ski lesson because you get more attention and feedback. We can either do a 1-hour, 2-hour, half day or whole day. If you are an intermediate skier (which means “non-beginner”) and if you want some video analysis done, then we’ll need at least a 2-hour lesson to cover that so that we have time to go in and watch the video.

  • You can request me for a private lesson.

Check the Cascade Mountain website for current prices.

At Cascade Mountain, we can skip to the front of the lift line if we’re doing a private lesson. This gives us more time for skiing. Some people even get a private lesson just for this privilege – if you want to do that, that’s fine with me… I’ll ski with you.


“Hi Erika, I want to thank you again for setting us up with Tony. He was very patient with my 2 youngest grandchildren, who can be a handful to say the least. I was worried that Joe and/or Katie would have meltdowns, but Tony kept their attention.

And after the lesson, both kids went up the schoolmarm lift several times! Joe skied fine, and Katie made it down safely thanks to her father. Again thank you, and please let Tony know I am very grateful he took them on.”

“Christie received ‘Most Improved’ skier at her Middleton high school banquet last night. A bit accomplishment for a team of 60 skiers. Thank you for your great coaching. I know your coaching had lot to do with Christie’s progress.”

Book a Ski Lesson

I teach lessons at Cascade Mountain (Portage, WI), Devil’s Head (Baraboo, WI) or Tyrol Basin (Mount Horeb, WI). I’m mainly available at Cascade Mountain since I’m officially employed there. At any other place, my lessons will cost more since you’ll need to cover my lift ticket – also I’d have limited availability at any other place than Cascade.

If you would like to set up a lesson, please contact Cascade Mountain (608-742-5588) and ask to book a lesson with me. Make sure you call right away (the sooner, the better) or get there early and book it. Know that assigning lessons there is a fluid situation.

I typically work on Saturdays (days) and some Sundays (days). If you are interested in a lesson with me, please contact both me and Cascade for availability.


All lessons at Cascade are private lessons. Check out Cascade’s website.

They going to limit the amount of passes per day / people on the hill. I don’t know how that’s being done or what the number is, but that will happen in some form. Lifts are basically at half capacity. You can ride up the chair with people that rode with you / your family.

Your car is your ski lodge, basically. You can come in and use the bathroom or warm up. There’s also a new warming hut that was built. Definitely wear a mask while you’re at Cascade – and a helmet while skiing, of course – safety first.

And I HIGHLY recommend you get this 4-pack of books I wrote: I’ll probably ask you when we meet if you read it. 🙂

Read this post about some suggestions for the 2020-21 (COVID) season.

Colorado and Utah Ski Instruction (All Day)

If you would like a good beginner or intermediate ski instructor for skiing at other locations (even other countries), I’m available. I can work with adults or kids. We would do plenty of free skiing with integrated instruction.

You would need to provide travel, accommodations and lift tickets for me. We can negotiate a daily fee.

Get Ready for Big Mountain Skiing!

I do often get lessons for people who want to get ready to ski out West or do bigger mountain skiing. Sometimes the lessons are for them or sometimes it’s their spouse. They realize that it’s cheaper and easier to get some lessons locally before going to bigger resorts.

This is a good idea because the hills here are easier, less intimidating and are great for learning how to ski. Getting a lesson here will build up confidence for big mountain skiing for anyone at any level.

If this is what you’re looking for, then I’d suggest a 2 or 3 hour private lesson. We’d spend the first hour doing the lesson and the second and third hours would be a combination of putting some miles on it (skiing) and some fine tuning. If I know your aim is to ski in Colorado, Utah or somewhere else, I can help gear you up and get you ready for that kind of skiing so that your trip is more enjoyable.

Contact Me

If you have questions about skiing lessons or something, you can use this form and I’ll get your message.

Note: If this is about booking lessons at Cascade and how it looks like there’s no availability, just get to the Snow Sports School as early as you can, and sign up for a lesson. Probably 95% of the time, you’ll be able to get a lesson. Don’t worry.

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