Congratulations Passing Level 1

Last weekend, all 4 of the PSIA Level 1 candidates I helped train passed their Level 1 Alpine Certification!


We only met a few times for training because of the holidays and the lack of snow we had but we made the most of it and I saw improvement in a short amount of time. They studied their brains out and did well on the exam. I’m very happy that I could pass on some of the knowledge I’ve gained in this sport the last 10 years but they put in the effort and work, so congrats!

Others also got their Children’s Certification or worked with the Adaptive folks or worked on improving their skiing. It was fun meeting new ski instructors in the Central Division as well as seeing others I’ve met before. Erika Meier did a great job running the CascadeFest event again.

I Helped Hold Down the Fort

While we had several instructors in the PSIA event, I helped teach lessons. I had a couple groups and some private lessons.

One private lesson was with an autistic boy and it was a lot of fun. He held on to me as we skied mostly but we made turns and I’d hold him looser and he was making turns himself, so that was great to see.

With another lesson, I worked with 8 year old Jack. His mother wanted him to get to do more parallel turns. He already had good control of his speed, which was great. I showed him how to step turn, which was fun. We then made a game where we’d each count how many steps we each took. Sometimes he would win and sometimes I would. We took that into counting how many turns we made as well. It was a good way to keep him engaged while getting to more parallel turns.

It was a very fun weekend and we had great weather. Come out and ski with me!


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