My skiing friends at Mont Ripley

Thumpers, Turn Shape, and Leapers: Notes on My 2023/24 Season

So far, it’s been a very warm year in the Midwest. We didn’t get all runs open until mid January, there was a 21″ dump of snow, and then it got cold for about a week. Since then, there has only been small bouts of snow falling. Cascade closed last Sunday (one week early), and […]

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PSIA Levels 1, 2, and 3 Resources

Here’s a YouTube playlist you may find useful. It’s from Nordica and they discuss fundamentals needed to help pass the PSIA Levels 1, 2, 3 exams: How To Pass Your Level I, II, or III Certification – Nordica | PSIA-AASI Be sure to choose the video for your particular level and then look at the […]

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Man skiing down a hill

How to Teach Hockey Stops (Skiing)

We’ve been working the last, few weeks in the Level 1 training group we do on Wednesday nights to put together a good hockey stop progression. The reason we’re working on this is because one way an Examiner would be able to kill 2 birds with one stone is to have someone teach hockey stops […]

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Snowboarder and skier collide on snow

Who is at Fault?

As we near starting another, great ski season, it’s good to review some safety so that we all get home in our own vehicles, not in an ambulance. Skiing and snowboarding is an extreme sport. Because of that, we need to know the rules. Here’s a video I saw on Instagram. Who do you think […]

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Adaptive skier at Cascade Mountain with snowboarder

Adaptive Ski Lessons at Cascade Mountain

I’m wondering how much interest there is in adaptive ski lessons at Cascade Mountain. Right now, I’m adaptive certified for cognitive and visually impaired. We can do those lessons with minimal or no specialty equipment. I’ve taught many lessons to people on the autism spectrum (mainly kids and teens). A few others at Cascade teach […]

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Level 1 Ski Instructors jumping

Another Group Passes Level 1 Alpine!

Well, this one was a little bit of a nail-biter, but the group I was training all passed Level 1. Congratulations to Annie, Mike, Damon, Craig, Evan, and Soren. A month back, both Jack and Cooper passed as well at their event. I still have my 100% pass rate, but they did all the work. […]

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Tony Herman with skis

My Killer Level 1 Wedge Turn Progression

I went out and did training with the Level 1 candidates last night and I decided to come up with a killer wedge progression for them – as a gift. It’s something they can copy and use on their Level 1 exam if they want. It turned out pretty well. I think if they presented […]

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Level 1 Alpine Certification Resources

Here is information that’s more specific to people taking their Level 1 exam at Cascade Mountain this year, but this is information others may benefit from as well. What happened starting last year, was the exam changed a bit. PSIA is trying to get all divisions doing things the same. There is probably some good […]

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What to Know Before You Start Skiing

Congratulations! You want to start skiing. That’s great. Taking a lesson is very helpful. Skiing instructors get to work with you and show you the basics so you don’t have to figure them all out yourself. We can cover more in an hour or two than you’d be able to teach yourself in years, so […]

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Woman with ski goggles on

How to Make Ski Goggles Not Fog

With having to wear a mask while teaching this year, the big problem with goggles is dealing with fog. The mask funnels moisture directly into your ski goggles, which is where you do not want it. Because of this, I’m on a mission to find ways to keep ski goggles from fogging up and icing. […]

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