Woman with ski goggles on

How to Make Ski Goggles Not Fog

With having to wear a mask while teaching this year, the big problem with goggles is dealing with fog. The mask funnels moisture directly into your ski goggles, which is where you do not want it. Because of this, I’m on a mission to find ways to keep ski goggles from fogging up and icing. […]

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Parent and child skiing

Book Your Lessons EARLY This Year

I’ve got two half day private lessons booked for January already. With how things are going to be ran this year, I highly suggest making your plans very early. I’m not sure if Cascade will have online reservations for lessons or not. We’ll see. We have our orientation in a month or so. Once I […]

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Tony at Keystone

It’s a Different Ski Season (2020-21)

Here are some tips to help survive the 2020-21 ski season and the changes due to COVID.

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3 of my level 1 students

My Level 1 Students Pass!

Again this year, I coached a group of 5 people going for PSIA Alpine Level 1 and they all passed! They did great at the exam and pretty much breezed through it. They had a good, healthy nervousness going through it and before it, I encouraged them telling them that the fact they came out […]

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Skier going down a hill a bit too fast and out of control because of a number of reasons

PSIA Central Level 2 Videos for 2019-2020

  The New Movement Analysis Videos are Up! Go watch Levi, Susan, Mark, Conner, Carrie, Tommy, Maddie, Annette, Dan, Donner, and Blitzen (just kidding about the last two) ski. They’re right here on YouTube. Watch the videos and make sure you’re looking for where people’s weight (pressure) is. That will tell you a lot. For […]

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Ski Instructor on snow

Come Learn to Ski Better for Your Ski Trip!

Every year, I help people who want to go do some big mountain skiing but they think they’re not ready for it. I’ve been out there and I understand. You don’t want to be the last person in your group, struggling to keep up. It’s no fun at all. You finally catch up to everyone, […]

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Skiers on a mountain top

Why Do My Thighs Hurt When I Ski?

Doing this one thing can help make sure your legs no longer burn after you ski. It’s a simple thing that most people flat out do wrong. Within 5 minutes, you’ll be on your way to more enjoyable skiing.

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Ski instructor training at Cascade Mountain

Training for PSIA Level One

Beginning in December, I’ve been working with everyone going for PSIA Level I. We’ve had a number of meetings to train so far and they’ve gone really great. Here’s a summary of our sessions: Day One (12/5/18) – Introduction Went over requirements Started teaching 20 minute segments of the beginner lesson on the snow Everyone […]

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Cascade Mountain - top of Manitou

Don’t Say… “I Almost Hit a Tree Once, So I’m Done Skiing” But Take a Lesson!

I’ve heard that phrase SO many times and guess what? I was in the SAME situation. Yeah, the first time I went skiing, my friends took me to the top and said, “OK, do this to stop. Let’s go.” And skiing that day was terrifying. I probably almost hit a few trees… for sure. Then […]

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Skier on a steep slope

Winter Snow Forecast 2018-2019

So who out there has the skiing/snowboarding “bug” already? Are you anxious to get out on the snow yet? Those days are coming but I know it’s hard to wait. Last year’s snow predictions were a bit off the mark here in the Midwestern United States if you ask me. We didn’t get much snow […]

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