Ski instructor training at Cascade Mountain

Training for PSIA Level One

Beginning in December, I’ve been working with everyone going for PSIA Level I. We’ve had a number of meetings to train so far and they’ve gone really great. Here’s a summary of our sessions: Day One (12/5/18) – Introduction Went over requirements Started teaching 20 minute segments of the beginner lesson on the snow Everyone […]

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Cascade Mountain - top of Manitou

Don’t Say… “I Almost Hit a Tree Once, So I’m Done Skiing” But Take a Lesson!

I’ve heard that phrase SO many times and guess what? I was in the SAME situation. Yeah, the first time I went skiing, my friends took me to the top and said, “OK, do this to stop. Let’s go.” And skiing that day was terrifying. I probably almost hit a few trees… for sure. Then […]

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Skier on a steep slope

Winter Snow Forecast 2018-2019

So who out there has the skiing/snowboarding “bug” already? Are you anxious to get out on the snow yet? Those days are coming but I know it’s hard to wait. Last year’s snow predictions were a bit off the mark here in the Midwestern United States if you ask me. We didn’t get much snow […]

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Instructors in a skiing clinic

PSIA Level 3: Clinic for Ski Instructors – Pole Usage

A week ago, I gave a clinic for other instructors here (as we do on Saturday mornings) and I felt like doing that clinic was my start to PSIA Level 3. The topic was pole usage for short radius turns. I got a bunch of ski instructors to attend by announcing that this will help […]

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Cascade Mountain beginner area

Some More PSIA Level 2 Exam Tips

Over the last, few weeks, I’ve been working with the instructors going for their Level 1 (along with training new hires) but last week I was able to work with an instructor going for Level 2. This inspired me to write up a few tips that will help people going for the Level 2 exam. […]

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Skier on a steep slope

Winter Snow Forecast 2017-2018

LOOK FOR UPDATES BELOW! Well, it’s July and that can only mean one thing… when do we get to ski again? It seems that La Nina tried to happen last winter but didn’t quite live up to expectations. There isn’t a lot out yet for this winter (and I’ll update this page as that changes) […]

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awards ceremony

NASTAR Championships 2017

Well, this was my first time participating in the NASTAR Championships (check out my stats). It was fun. I’ve never even been to a ski race/meet before, so going to the championships was quite the experience. I won a bronze medal (3rd place) in the Men’s Bronze Division – ages 45-49! Tuesday and Wednesday I […]

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PSIA Level 2 Exam Help

It’s that time of the year when people are going for Level 2 Alpine. I know that because I was studying hard just 2 years ago. Last night at our weekly clinic, I was helping to give feedback to others who are going for Level 2 this year. Next week, I’ll be giving even more […]

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Tony with kids

Fun Kids Lessons Last Weekend

Despite the unusually warm weather this last weekend (Presidents Day weekend 2017), we saw good crowds at Cascade. It wasn’t on par with previous years but the snow was good. The Cascade Kids program was full, so I ended up with a number of private ski lessons with kids. I taught 3 girls that were […]

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Ski goggles

How to Keep Ski Goggles from Fogging Up

Ski goggles that fog up are a problem. You’re outside and it’s cold (probably freezing) and it’s hard to get them clear again outside but there are some things you can do. Anti-Fog Tips The main thing is to keep moisture out of them, of course. If you’re wearing a balaclava or mask, then make […]

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