Another Group Passes Level 1 Alpine!

Level 1 Alpine PSIA ski instructors

Well, this one was a little bit of a nail-biter, but the group I was training all passed Level 1. Congratulations to Annie, Mike, Damon, Craig, Evan, and Soren. A month back, both Jack and Cooper passed as well at their event. I still have my 100% pass rate, but they did all the work.

What was cool was that I was able to spend the day, shadowing the lesson. With this one, it was all condensed into one day, so there wasn’t time for them to get lots of training from the examiner, (Erika) but we went right into teaching and tasks while ending the day with movement analysis.

Next on my list is to update my Level 1 Alpine book. I hope to work on that this week. The exam did change since I first took it, and updating that book will help anyone who is going for Level 1. A few people in my group did get my very affordably priced book and they said it helped them.

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