Fun Ski Lessons This Last Weekend

I worked the last 4 days at Cascade and I had a lot of fun lessons over the new year.

The temps were good (not too cold or too warm), there were fireworks and we were making snow. On Saturday, there was some nice sun shining down. Today, we had some nice, light flurries.

I did both group and private lessons. Two of the private lessons were intermediate lessons and I also taught some children. With the adults, it was good to see them coming back to skiing again after giving it up a few years ago to start their families. Their kids were now old enough to get into skiing and they wanted a refresher course. I was able to give them some confidence and tips to ski better with more control.

My favorite lesson was on Saturday with Zosia, who was a 7-year old girl who was completely adorable. We worked on her skiing and went up 4 different lifts. On a few runs, she felt better holding my hand, so we did that. We went 1 hour and then they extended it another hour.

The next favorite lesson was a group lesson today. I had a woman, a teen girl and a 10-year old girl in a group (small group). We cruised through the lesson and got up to the top of the mountain – something I haven’t done with a group for 2 years. That’s not a goal of a beginner lesson but it’s cool when that happens once in a while. The lift lines were short today, too, which really helped.

Come Take a Lesson!

ski-patrolI even heard about a 70-year old in a lesson today, so it’s not too late in life to come out and try something new.

I cannot stress enough how much a lesson will help you. We have tips and tricks to get you skiing better, faster. They are things that would take you a long time to figure out on your own. Group lessons are just $20 for an hour and a half! It’s a no-brainer! 🙂


Picture: Tom from Ski Patrol gives the Cascade Kids program kids (and their parents) information about skiing and how to be safe on the hill.

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