More PSIA Level 2 Exam Questions and Resources

Sample Teaching Assignments and Information

Hey, I found some more resources to help you study for the PSIA Level 2 exam!

Level 2 Flash Cards (

They’re trying to sell an app on this page but they have a few sample exam questions there, so check it out and see if you can answer them. There’s a check box on the right to show or not show the answers, so first go over there and make sure it’s unchecked.

Shannon’s Level II Preparation in 10 Steps (

They list some good tips on how to prepare for the Level 2 exam. It’s worth checking out.

My Level 2 Prep Notes (

Here are some notes from a prep course I took (that didn’t even make it into my book because I forgot I wrote this). I wrote about the things we did and what I learned. It’s worth reading.

More Coming!

When I find some more, I’ll post them here – so bookmark this page!

level-2-workbook-238x329I, of course, an offering a workbook called “PSIA Level 2 Exam Sample Questions and Workbook” that you get for FREE when you buy my reasonably priced book.

If I’d sell that book by itself, it would be for $4.99 but I’m selling the PSIA Level 2 Study Guide (my book) for $5.99, so just get that book and you get the sample questions as well!

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