Skiing Books for Beginners

Beginning Skiing Tips and Techniques

If you’re thinking about trying skiing and wondering what to expect, then have I got the tips for you!

Starting something new can be exciting and a little scary. It’s fun to learn something new but skiing is an extreme sport and comes with some important safety rules to follow. You can either take a lesson and get a ton of information given to you at once or you can do just a little bit of reading ahead of time. If you do some light studying ahead of time, you’ll pick up a lot more when you take you skiing lesson – making the ski lesson a lot more worth it for you and more fun!

These books are not meant to take the place of a real lesson – not at all. They are meant for people who want to make the most of the lesson they take by having something to reference before or after the lesson (or both).

Another reason to read these books is they give you a bunch of tips so you don’t look like an idiot your first time skiing. Honestly, that’s one of my biggest fears when I try something new. That’s one of the reasons why I wrote these books.

Beginning Skiers Deal

Beginning Skiing: Tips for Beginners

This book will give you great tips for planning your ski trip, figuring out how to dress right for the weather, how to get in shape, what to do when you get to the ski area and then what to concentrate on as you ski throughout the day.

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My Beginner Ski Lesson

This book is my general beginning skier lesson all written out. Of course, I do change it up depending on the group or for other reasons but this is the general lesson I teach to people who have never, ever skied before.

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What to Bring Skiing Checklist

Taking your family or going with friends on a ski trip or vacation can take a bit of planning. Part of that planning is remembering to bring everything you need. With this handy checklist, you’ll be able to start planning your trip weeks ahead by doing shopping and gathering together what you need.

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Ultimate Ski Vacation Guide

This 32 page guide has information on how to plan the ultimate ski vacation including where to go, more packing tips, tips for families, budgeting your trip and more. I did not write this material but I obtained special permission to include it in this package as an added bonus – just for you!

Available as a Bonus!

Four Book Bundle

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Buy the first 3 separately or I have a 4 book bundle that saves you a couple bucks. These books are inexpensive but contain a lot of information. I want you to get into skiing and enjoy it, so I really hope you enjoy these books.


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