Don’t Say… “I Almost Hit a Tree Once, So I’m Done Skiing” But Take a Lesson!

I’ve heard that phrase SO many times and guess what? I was in the SAME situation.

Yeah, the first time I went skiing, my friends took me to the top and said, “OK, do this to stop. Let’s go.”

And skiing that day was terrifying. I probably almost hit a few trees… for sure.

Then some time passed and I got better. I thought I was skiing fine but I still didn’t want to ski on weekends because there were too many people and I didn’t have enough control.

Then came shaped skis!

Alright, now we’re cooking… I have some control. I was told to lean one way or another. That advice wasn’t quite right but it worked. I got down the hill and I could turn, at least.

I then saw my friend, Doug, at Cascade Mountain and he told me, “Hey, you should be a ski instructor.”

I said, “But I’m not any good.”

“That’s OK. They tell you what to you and then you teach that.” he said back.

“OK. I’ll do it.” was my response and the rest is history, really.

When I took the training, wow, were my eyes opened. I finally learned the right way to ski. It was a little getting used to but it made sense and I had control. Since then, I’ve been taking lessons myself like crazy. I’m not a Level 2 Certified PSIA Ski Instructor and I now train the new hires and coach other instructors going for levels 1 and 2 while I work toward level 3.

The Bottom Line…

Get back on your horse!

I’m guessing that when you “almost hit a tree” you weren’t getting coached by an instructor but instead by your friends, right?

We know the short cuts. We know what works and what will give you the confidence and control you need to get down the hill safely and at your speed. What you can learn in 1-2 hours with us would take you years to figure out on your own, so get with a ski instructor and get out there!

Skiing is a fun, fun sport – with great people!

Cascade Mountain - top of Manitou

But It’s Cold!

People say to me that I must like the cold if I like skiing.

No, I don’t.

I like the snow and I dress for the cold so I can enjoy it. With the clothing technology we have today, it’s pretty easy and you’re warm, so don’t let the cold hold you back.

Do I Have to Be in Shape?

I won’t lie… being in good shape does help you ski better. It’s actually a safety issue – you need muscle for control because trees don’t move out of your way. Starting out, you won’t be on expert terrain, so most people in decent shape do just fine. As the slope and altitude increase, the better shape you need to be in.

The skis do a lot of the work for you but there are still forces to control and skiing is an extreme sport. Make sure you learn the code before you put on some skis.

My Friends are Going Out West, Can You Help Me?

Yes, and I love these lessons – I love them all but teaching these lessons are really fun. I’ve helped a number of people get ready to ski at Vail and other places out west (where I’ve been to – many times). I can give you exactly what you need to help tame those mountains. Honestly, for about 80-90% of people, it’s the same, 2-3 things they need to refine and I have many ways to teach those things.

I’m Ready to Get Out Skiing This Year – How Do I Start?

Book a lesson! If you’re in Southern or Central Wisconsin, then I’m at Cascade Mountain in Portage, WI. I’m also available to teach out West or about anywhere (with a little planning). Learn mote about how to book a lesson with me.

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