PSIA Level 2 Book Published!

PSIA Level 2 Study GuideWell, it took some time to put together but I’m proud of it. I have a lot of people to thank for working with me over the years. There’s no way I could have reached Level 2 or written the book alone. I’m happy to be able to publish this resource with the hopes of helping others get Level 2 Certification.

The PDF version of this study guide is 69 pages and the Kindle version is 107 pages but it’s the same content. The PDF version costs a bit more but you get some nice bonuses, which are well worth the difference in price — plus you get to print it (1 copy) if you want. I know some people would rather have it in print, so that’s why I created the PDF version and then I decided to add some more value as well.

Go check it out: My Journey to Level 2 Alpine: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 2 Exam


I would like to acknowledge some people who have helped me on my journey so far:

Erika Meier
Arnie Wright
Don Meyer
John Hamaker
Kyle Potvin
Steve Loehner
Michelle Loehner
Bruce Van Buren
Bob Konen
Jamie Reichert
Matt McGinn
Doug Trumbower
Don Rosine
Penny Parsons
Tim Parsons
Paul Freeman
Bob Bell
Gavril Hristov
Glenn Knight
Todd Thorn
Sherry McCabe
Roger Kane
Josh McConochie
Andrew Reyes
– Tons of training with me.
– Taught me a lot – including the quiver.
– A wealth of knowledge and funny stories.
– A good, honest coach that makes you work.
– Great to train with.
– Saw the potential in me.
– A great skiing example for me.
– Makes it all look easy.
– Shared my journey and was my partner.
– Best après-ski guy and exam roommate around.
– Mr. Encouragement
– Responsible for getting me into ski instructing.
– Nothing gets him down.
– Best partner for group lessons.
– Good for advice and trays of beer.
– Mr. Technical Skier
– Does more than people half his age.
– Always willing to help and share.
– My NASTAR coach.
– Announced my race times and gave me advice.
– Failed me twice but that’s what I needed.
– Level 2 Prep and good perspective.
– Gave me some days off so I could ski.
– Hooked me up with good lessons.

Additional Exam Notes:
Kyle Potvin

Arnie Wright
Erika Meyer

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