Come Learn to Ski Better for Your Ski Trip!

Every year, I help people who want to go do some big mountain skiing but they think they’re not ready for it. I’ve been out there and I understand.

You don’t want to be the last person in your group, struggling to keep up. It’s no fun at all. You finally catch up to everyone, who have been waiting for you and by the time you get there, you think you’ll get a minute to get your breath but then they take off again. The cycle starts all over again – all day long! It sucks!

You’re Probably Not Doing Too Bad

OK… I know you’re better than THIS!

Guess what? You probably just need 2-3 things to change in your skiing to not have that happen to you. You can instead be the first or second person in the group instead of the last!

Most people are closer to being a good skier than they think. If they haven’t taken a lesson in a while or ever, then getting some personal training can make a huge difference. A trainer can basically make what would take you maybe years to figure out on your own into just a few hours. A few fixes and understanding of how to ski better is usually all it takes.

I’ve helped many people heading out West or somewhere for big mountain skiing. Many of them even kept in touch and gave me a report of how they did and they thank me for the help I gave them.

It Doesn’t Take Too Long

It’ll take just 2 hours of lessons usually. In fact, we’ll train for about 1 hour and the second hour, we just ski. I give you pointers and remind you of what we went over. It’s fun. Within about the first 30 minutes you’ll start feeling the difference. We then just put miles on it to help make sure it sticks.

I can even do half or full day lessons – individually or in groups.

What I like to say is, “you don’t know what you don’t know!”

Here’s a fairly quick video about the Dunning-Kruger effect, which explains what I mean:

The video goes over how people just starting something think they can master it pretty quickly, but they really don’t know how much there is to learn. I felt that way about skiing at one point. I could turn and stop, so I was 90% of the way there… right? Nope… far from it.

To have fun skiing, knowing how to turn and stop is about enough but if you’re heading off to bigger hills/mountains, you’ll soon see there’s a lot more to it.

So, you really need coaching to get better. You need someone right next to you, watching, explaining, demonstrating, and encouraging you. We know all the shortcuts, too. That’s what I provide for my students.

My training doesn’t even really feel like training. I keep it moving but don’t go too fast. My goal is to help you have some awesome success and actually enjoy your trip. With just a few tweaks, you can go from struggling to being more confident and maybe even giving some pointers to your friends.

Success may vary, of course. You need to be in decent shape (exercising regularly) and be willing to be coached. I work with all ages and I’ve done some work with able-bodied adaptive skiers. I’ve helped give kids in high school the basics they need to keep up with the race team and I’ve helped 75 year old women who show up with their boyfriends!

Tony Herman - Level 2 Ski InstructorDon’t Miss Out on Making Skiing Fun

Skiing is really fun. You get to be outside in a very scenic location. The people are great. Everybody’s having fun. You’re breathing in fresh air. At the end of the day, you get to sit around with your family or friends and talk about your adventures. There’s really nothing like it and I’d like to help you enjoy it even more.

If all if this sounds like you, then contact me and let’s talk!

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