Get Fit for a Fun Ski Season

running-shoesThis is just a quick reminder about two things:

  1. Ski in December – it’s going to get COLD… get out while it’s still nice.
  2. Get your legs and body ready – a little exercise goes a long way.

I already blogged about skiing in December but just know that there will be snow and it’s good snow. The snow we make now is really, really good. You can’t tell the difference, really. No, it’s not the powder you get in Colorado but it’s definitely not ice. Last year, I don’t know what they did at Cascade but the snowmaking team really stepped it up and we had great snow all year. I remember only 1-2 times where it was questionable.

And here are some tips about getting into shape for the season. It’s broken down into beginner, intermediate and expert training plans… and they’re not really that difficult:

Have The Best Winter of YOUR Life: Get Fit for Fun (

Ski ya!

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