Take a Lesson in December

lift-lineOk, so it’s going to get really cold again this season. If you remember last year (who could forget?), you’ll remember that it was nice in December and then just colder than the North Pole the rest of the season… brrr!

So, if you’re even thinking about getting outdoors this late fall or winter, get out and ski in December. If you go, then take a lesson – for sure. I recently had a quote of mine published at the national ski instructor’s association website (PSIA – Professional Ski Instructors Association):

The Real Benefits of Taking a Lesson (thesnowpros.org)

“Do you want to ski longer, ski steeper runs, and ski with your friends, as well as learn to be safer? Take a lesson! We have lots of tips and tricks that would take you years to figure out.”
— Tony Herman

Go there and read the other reasons, too.

Skiing is a sport you can have your whole lifetime – even if you’re older. One story I like to tell is how I had a 65 year old woman in a private lesson. She was there with her boyfriend and he put her in a lesson with me for an hour (smart guy… they had a pleasant ride home). At the beginning, she could not even stand on skis – I had to help her stand. By the end of the hour, I had her stopping and turning as she came down the Schoolmarm green run. Amazing! She was smiling and had loads of fun.

See you on the snow!

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