Presidents Day Weekend Skiing

Feb 15, 2014 – Cascade Mountain

It was another busy weekend at Cascade on Presidents Day weekend. The weather was really good, too – especially Sunday.

I had a number of private lessons, some beginner group lessons and an intermediate group lesson or two as well. People take advantage of private lessons so that they can skip in line during these busy weekends. I think that’s a good policy Cascade has because why would you pay for a private lesson if you’re waiting in line the whole time?

A longer, private lesson I had was with the Kelly family. I got to ski with all their kids, along with dad. We got on some green, blue and black terrain and went all over the mountain. The older boys learned more about how to slow down / control their speed while skiing runs and we even worked on some parallel skiing. The youngest was only 3 years old and we had him going down the Magic Carpet and Bunny hill. He had his hands on his knees and skied straight. With any kid that age, the main thing is that they have fun and associate skiing with fun.

Yeah, Sunday was nicer. We finally had temps in the twenties and that felt really warm. There was snow on Saturday and sun on Sunday. Today, Monday, they’re getting a lot of snow up there.

There’s really just a month or less left to get out and ski. Yes, I know you’re tired of winter but you don’t want to say in the middle of summer that you wished you got out to ski or snowboard. Now is your chance.

It’s kind of funny (to me at least) that Presidents Day is really for the ski industry. They wanted a Monday holiday in the middle or peak or ski season. There you go… we gave you a chance to get out. It seems WI schools don’t get off for it but many IL schools do. Some kids from IL said that they had to go to school because they had a bunch of snow/cold days off already and they had to make it up – but normally, they would have off.

Get out and ski!

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