Fun Kids Lessons Last Weekend

Girls on the snow

Despite the unusually warm weather this last weekend (Presidents Day weekend 2017), we saw good crowds at Cascade. It wasn’t on par with previous years but the snow was good. The Cascade Kids program was full, so I ended up with a number of private ski lessons with kids.

I taught 3 girls that were from a group of 2-3 families from Illinois. The girls were great. They ranged in age from 4-11. We started on the Magic Carpet and then progressed to the Bunny lift and then to Schoolmarm.

We had fun doing stopping and turning with the occasional snowball fight here and there to keep it fun.

There was another girl, who as about 11 years old that I took out for an hour. She hadn’t had a lesson before and could only ski straight down the hill. Within an hour, I had her turning and stopping. The lines weren’t long, so we got a lot of runs in. I brought her back and we told her mom how we did.

Then, about an hour later – after mom skied with her a bit, I saw her mom again and she had a look of amazement. She couldn’t believe I taught her all of that within an hour. Her daughter was skiing great.

Kids Work Great With a Ski Instructor

I think it comes down to kids working with an instructor. If mom and dad say to do something, they kind of just brush it off because mom and dad say a lot of stuff. In a lesson, kids know that it something that was paid for and it’s kind of like a teacher-student relationship. I’m often called “coach” when I’m in a lesson with kids, too.

Getting kids into skiing early is great. I wish I learned that young but we weren’t a skiing family. I learned to ski in high school when my friends said, “Do this with your feet to stop. Let’s go.” My real, first ski lesson was when I was being trained as an instructor at Cascade about 10 years ago now. I take lessons every week during the ski season and we study skiing in the summer as well. It’s a great sport and I’ve met lots of great people – I have a whole set of skiing friends and we do more than just ski together.

Get your kids into a lesson so they can learn efficient movements that’ll help them progress to tougher terrain without struggling. Skiing is a lifetime sport and I’d be honored to teach you or your kids.

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