How to Keep Ski Goggles from Fogging Up

Ski gogglesSki goggles that fog up are a problem. You’re outside and it’s cold (probably freezing) and it’s hard to get them clear again outside but there are some things you can do.

Anti-Fog Tips

The main thing is to keep moisture out of them, of course. If you’re wearing a balaclava or mask, then make sure your breath isn’t going into your goggles. If you’re wearing too many layers, then you’ll be too hot and you’ll be panting more / creating more heat. Take off a mid-layer or open some vents to see if that helps.

You also need good air flow through your goggles. They should have vents in them so that the humid air can escape. Some ski goggles are better at this than others. You may want to consider buying a new pair of goggles if the ones you have continue to be a problem and fog up.

There’s anti-fog you can use. It’s called Cat Crap and it does work pretty well. I’ve used it.

Keep your goggles on when you’re outside. If you flip them up to the top of your head or helmet, then your breath could be going into them, causing them to fog up. Worse yet, you could get snow inside them.

Putting your goggles on before you go outside will help. This will keep them the same temperature as your body and this will lessen the chance of moisture forming, creating fog.

Lens Cleaning Tips

Be careful cleaning your lenses – don’t use your fingers on the inside of them as that can remove the protective (anti-fog) coating that was put on the lenses. Window cleaner with ammonia will also do that, so never use it on your goggles.

Store your goggles in the goggle bag you received when you bought your goggles – right after you’re done skiing or snowboarding. If you don’t, they will get scratched up and that sucks.

You can also use the goggle bag as a cleaning cloth for your goggles – most bags are designed for that purpose.

More Info

Here are some more resources to help keep your goggles from fogging up:

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