Ready to Ski? Ski Lessons in Wisconsin

Well, I got back from training out in Colorado and I’m ready to start skiing in Wisconsin!


I’ve been talking to people I meet and it seems many of them don’t have plans to ski this year. If that’s you, then why not? Why stay indoors all winter, watching TV or whatever? Why not get outside? It’s not bad if you dress for it. Get a good base layer, dress in layers with some good ski pants, good ski jacket, a helmet, goggles and face mask and you’re good. It’s really not bad at all and you get to the end of the day knowing you’ve accomplished something. It feels really good!

Take Ski Lessons!

If you do plan to try skiing, then definitely take lessons! We have so many ways to make things easier and teach you what you need to know. I mean, if you have to figure it out on your own, it would take years. We take you through it in an hour to an hour and a half. If you want more lessons, then take an afternoon private lesson for another hour in the afternoon. What you learn, you will have your whole life.

You learn about safety, how the equipment works, how to get your body to work with the equipment, how to use the lifts and where to ski. We make it easy.

Come to Cascade Mountain and ask for a lesson with Tony Herman at the Ski School (Snow Sports School). I’d love to teach you! I teach adults and kids (kids in private lessons). I work most Saturdays and I’d come in on a Sunday if you request me for a lesson. You can call ahead and make a reservation for a private lesson. It’s easy.

Come On Out!

Come on out early in the season so that you can enjoy the snow all winter. Don’t wait. If you gave up because you went with your friends and they “showed” you how to ski, then come out for a lesson and learn the right way.


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