Taking Ski Lessons

I was talking with someone the other day. He was talking about how his son really wants to learn skiing. He said he was good enough to get down the hill with some control and hated weekends because there were too many people.

I could totally relate to that!

I used to only ski during the week because I felt like with more people there, I might hit them. Not good. That was with the old, long, straight skis and it was before I became an instructor and before I really had a lesson. That’s where a lot of people are at.

Why take a lesson?

I told him that they should take some lessons – and not just one. We, as ski instructors, have some short cuts. They are things that would take you a long time to figure out on your own. Why waste time doing that? That’s why anyone takes any kind of lessons or why anyone goes to school. It’s just easier when someone guides you through it. That’s what we do.

Put it on your list to take a skiing lesson. You learn so much. We have so many tricks to teach you – especially beginners. Learn the right way to fall and then how to get up. Learn how to turn yourself around on a hill while standing there so that you don’t start sliding down. Learn how to load and unload yourself on a ski lift. Knowing how to use a ski lift is huge!

We have so many tips, it’s incredible. You’ll learn tons and feel more confident out there. You’ll also be able to keep up with your friends!

Ski ya later!

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