Ready for the 2012-13 Ski Season!

This week I head out to Colorado for 3 days of skiing (maybe 4 if my legs can take it). We’ll be doing some clinics at Loveland to review our skiing and get some early runs in. What I hope to get out of it is a good warm up, great carving and nice, smooth turns.

So far, here in Wisconsin, it’s been cooler. I remember last year, we were struggling to have a few nights under 34 degrees in early December. We’re already having that in early November. Hopefully that means we’ll be opening earlier at Cascade – I would hope even by Thanksgiving. There was even snow in Madison yesterday – here’s the photo I sent in to WKOW.

Get your skis tuned up and your legs in shape. It’s going to be a great ski season this year!

I’ve you’ve never skied or if you have that lame story that goes something like, “Oh, I went once and almost hit a tree because I didn’t know how to stop. I never skied since.” then it’s time to get back on your horse. Take either an hour lesson with me or a 1.5 hour group lesson and get the skills and short cuts that us instructors know so that you can actually enjoy being outside in the winter. It’s really not bad if you’re dressed right. When you get addicted to snow, you really don’t mind the cold that much because you’re having so much fun!


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