What’s Up With DIN Settings on Skis?

This season, I’ve had some people show up with some pretty weird DIN settings on their skis. Mine are at 7 for my height, weight and skiing ability. I had a guy taller than me with a few more pounds had his set at like 4. WAY too low. He kept popping out. It was difficult for him to tip his skis on edge to turn.

I think he got those skis at that discount ski place down the street – maybe they don’t know what they’re doing there. The ski tuning shop at Cascade is really great – they do a nice job there setting skis up right. If you’re not sure about your settings, then stop in there and get your skis checked out, adjusted and tuned.

Here’s a good article explaining what DIN settings are:

All About DIN (skinet.com)

Here’s my favorite line: “That setting is the number a ski shop figures out after you lie about your weight, your height and your skier ability.”

I think I’m going to start using that in my repertoire of jokes that I throw into lessons. 🙂

Just two more weeks left (officially) at Cascade. Get in some last turns!


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