Winter in Wisconsin

Well, winter is dying down here but I have friends and others that are wondering what winter in Wisconsin is really like.

Well, it’s pretty simple:

  • Any temperature above 20 in January is “warm” or even “hot.”
  • When it’s sunny out, it’s cold.
  • When it’s cloudy out, it is snowing or will snow.
  • When we get to February, the cold spells last a little less time. Also, a groundhog gives a meaningless prediction that either makes us feel happy or more sad but he’s no weather expert really. This is merely a distraction.
  • By the end of February, it starts getting warm again, which means 40 degrees.
  • Snow melts in March… usually. I like to say that until it’s June, it could snow at any moment.
  • It’s kind of miserable until May (rain) and then the flowers bloom and stuff.

Of course, I’m a skier, so the best conditions are something like 20-25 degrees and sunny with lots of snow or 20-25 degrees, cloudy with snow coming down like crazy! I’d rather have it hot but if you dress for the cold, you can have a lot of fun in it.


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