Busy 2014

cascade-2014I’ve been teaching skiing so much that it’s been hard to find time to post about what’s going on.

I had a private lesson last weekend with a kid named Christian. He skied with Pete the day before and Pete told me about him, so I was able to continue with what he was teaching Christian.

I also had a private with a couple from Chicago – the guy was a lawyer practicing international law. They were fun and it seemed they learned a lot.

This last weekend, I had a boy named Joseph on Saturday morning. It was fun skiing with him. I did some groups and then took two boys (one was named Cal) from the Magic Carpet onto Schoolmarm and they were stopping and turning well after an hour. Their dad seemed happy with the progress.

I had a school group Friday night. And then I was able to teach a small clinic (to other instructors) on Sunday morning. It was a fun clinic and I’d like to do it again with more instructors since it was kind of a discussion type of clinic… discuss as we ski and tour the ski area. We talked about the terrain and how to use it for teaching (terrain based teaching).

I was supposed to go for my PSIA Level 2 certification this week but there weren’t enough participants, so they canceled it. I’ll still take a course but I would have really liked to do the exam as I was pretty confident I would pass it now. They seem to change the rules every year, so I wanted to get it in before things changed again too much. Oh well, I should still have fun. It looks like it’ll be cold this next weekend but I’ll still enjoy it.

One tip I got from another instructor on how to stay warm on cold ski days is to get one of those ThermaCare heat pack sticker things and stick it on your lower back (your kidneys). It’ll keep you warm all day. I’ve tried it and it works… pretty amazing.

Speaking of the weather, it seemed like December was like January and January now seems like February. I’m not sure if February will be like March (warmer) or if winter will extend. We didn’t really get an Indian Summer this last year. I sort of wonder if February will be warm… like too warm. If you plan to get out skiing, I’d suggest you go now – just in case!


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