Cascade Closed for the Season

Well, Cascade closed yesterday for the season. It’s sad that ski season there is over. As always, it seems to have gone too fast.


I went in on Saturday and had my last two lessons of the year. The first was a group and they were fun. The snow was pretty icy and fast that day, so getting them to stop was a bit more work but we got it done. The second lesson was basically a private lesson – well, a group intermediate lesson… that’s kind of the dirty little secret at Cascade – if you ask for a group intermediate lesson, you’re paying for a group lesson, getting an hour and a half (versus just an hour with a private lesson) and it’ll probably be just you and the instructor. Quite the deal… a loophole, sort of.

That lesson went well, too. He was an old school skier and we were trying to get rid of some old habits. I gave him the tools for sure (shuffling worked well) but it’ll be up to him to practice those things on his own. It’ll take time. He did this weird thing where, on his right turns, he’s pick up the right ski but he’d pick up the front of it. If it was picking up that back, that would have been fine but this movement he did got him leaning back and you could see he’d lose control that way. I did whatever I could to help him keep that ski on the ground.

This year is strange because it’s still good conditions out. Who knows? I might find myself heading up to Granite Peak next week or something. I like the freedom of having my Saturdays wide open now but the snow isn’t going to last forever, so you have to chase it.

I’m working on one Colorado trip. I almost have that put together, so I’m not quite at the very end of skiing yet. The funny thing is that I’ll swing through Arizona first, so I’ll go from hot/warm and sunny to cold and snowy (hopefully).


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