It’s a Different Ski Season (2020-21)

Tony at Keystone

Well, 2020 has been… interesting. The 2019-20 ski season ended abruptly. I was hoping to take a trip up to the UP (Upper Peninsula) or possibly out West but nope… instant lock down. It is what it is and I think we’re all more thankful now to finally get out and do some skiing.

Of course, this year, we’ll have to take some precautions. Wherever you go to ski or board, you should check the website of that ski area and see what their rules are. Expect to have not everything available and expect to wear your face mask more – but we’re kind of used to that anyway.

At Cascade Mountain, it sounds like we won’t have group lessons or kids lessons but just have private lessons. There are other changes, of course, and please check the Cascade website for more information.

Expect to use your vehicle as your ski lodge at most ski areas. I think I’ll see more tailgating at ski hills like we do at Brewers, Badgers, and Packers football games here in Wisconsin. Since changing gear involves taking off your footwear, bring a small carpet to put on the ground to avoid getting dirty or wet.

Ski trips this year might include more items (like we need MORE), such as:

  • Camping chairs
  • A small carpet or doormat to help with changing footwear outside
  • An EZ-UP type canopy to set up
  • A camping table
  • A cooler with your food
  • A gas grill
  • Some good tunes

A heated boot bag is a good idea.

Again, check with your ski area to see what they allow (I keep saying this to make sure I don’t get my butt in trouble – remember, I’m not an official spokesperson for Cascade Mountain where I do most of my teaching).

Since there’s more tailgating, I’m guessing there might be more alcohol use. Honestly, drinking and skiing/boarding do not mix. You need to have your wits about you – be clear headed because skiing is an extreme sport. Save drinking for après ski (after skiing). And do not drink and drive, of course.

I’m also guessing I’ll see more people hanging out on the ski hill, grabbing a snack. Remember to only stop in a safe area (to the side) where you can easily be seen. We, of course, don’t want to see more people ending up in Ski Patrol as that’ll cause more problems than usual there.

Let’s Make it a Great Ski Season!

Yes, it’ll be different but that doesn’t make it worse. Let’s adapt. We can still have lots of fun. Safety will be emphasized and that’s a good thing. If a ski area asks you to do something, be open-minded and cooperate with them. We have this sport to get away from our daily lives and enjoy being outdoors, so have a good attitude and mindset.

There will be unexpected things. Don’t react in emotion but stay cool and relax… it’s not the end of the world. Don’t wreck things for others or add to the amount of changes and things going on. Be cool.

It’s up to us. We can make this one of the best ski seasons ever. Hey, we can all get outside and enjoy the beautiful snow and nature. Let’s do that, respect each other, and just have fun… darn it! 🙂

It will be great to get outside and enjoy winter snowsports. It’ll be over (again) before we know it, so let’s all work together, work through what comes at us, and have fun in the snow. Let’s show the world that skiers and boarders have it right. Doing that might even attract more people to the sport we all love so much.

See ya out there!

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    • Rosie
    • December 11, 2020

    Thanks Tony for your awesome attitude and wise advice! You are such a ski professional! Cascade has a treasure in you!

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