Five Hour Private Lesson!

Yes, on Saturday I had a private lesson from 9-10 am and then had a 5 hour lesson after that. It was fun. There were essentially 3 of us instructors with 3 students for 5 hours. We all worked together because the students (three 16 year old guys) wanted to stay together. We’d do a drill or something together and then each of us would give feedback to each student. It worked well. Also, being all together, we played off each other and sometimes one of us would see something or have an idea and then we’d work on that.

ski lesson

It was a birthday party. The mother of the birthday boy rented a bus and paid for each of the 20 kids’ lift ticket, rentals and lunch (I think they also went tubing). She then paid 3 of us instructors to work with these 3 guys who wanted lessons.

I asked one of them about 2 hours in if they’d rather be in the lesson or ski with their friends. He said that he’d rather be in the lesson so that he learns to ski well and then he would go ski with his friends. That was the right answer! 🙂 Usually with school groups or teens, you find that they just want to learn how to stop and then want to go ski with their friends. It probably would have been a struggle if they didn’t want to be there, so I’m super glad they had the right attitude.

What we did was I gave them all the beginner lesson from like 10:30 – 11:30. They were athletic and there were only 3 of them, so we got through it in an hour. From 11:30 – 12:30, Don and Tom joined us and we did some more, building on the basics. We broke for lunch from 12:30 to 1. At 1, we resumed where we left off and starting hitting the high speed quad but one of the guys left since he had skied a bit before and then it was just Don and I with two of them.

We were on the quad lift all afternoon and we took them all over the place on some blue runs. From probably 1:30 to 4, we basically just skied with them. I mean, we threw a lot at them and it was better to just put what they learned into this skiing with shorter tips and reminders instead of trying to teach them more. I get into that position myself after like 2 hours of clinics and your brain sometimes just turns to mush trying to remember everything. At that point, it’s best to just put what you’ve learned into your skiing. We were there to remind them of what we showed them earlier, so that worked well.

They all did really good after lunch. The break helped, I’m sure. They really improved all afternoon. They had excellent control, they could turn and stop. What we did was just try different terrain and learn to manage it – like how to take the steeper runs slowly (turn shape). They’d run into a problem, we’d mention something we went over before, they’d remember and then there would be instant improvement.

It was a long day but it was fun. I really enjoyed it and we had great snow at Cascade.


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