First Set of Lessons and Re-Training

cascade-fri-nightThis last weekend, I worked Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday night, I had a group of middle school kids. I was able to go through my entire beginner lesson. It went well and the kids were great. It was really cold, so I kept everyone moving to keep them warm. We came all the way down Schoolmarm and they were stopping and turning pretty well. They were, of course, anxious to go ski with their other friends and I’m glad they were able to take a lesson.

On Saturday, I basically trained our re-hires at Cascade. I went through the beginner lesson with them. I think I started out with 4-5 people and it grew to a dozen or so other instructors. It was cold on Saturday, too, but the sun was out. I got some good feedback about my lesson. I also attended and helped with the Cascade Kids lesson clinic as we all went through that. Gail led it and she’s very good with teaching kids.

Then on Sunday I was able to get a private lesson with two boys (9 and 11). We worked on some green (beginner) terrain and I thought learning how to carve turns would be fun. We got our weight on the right foot (downhill) by lifting the tail of the uphill ski and that worked our edges more and pretty did an automatic turn with the other ski. We then moved on to tipping the skis more, throughout the turn and then on J-turns, which was fun.

It’s still rather slow at Cascade, so now is a great time to get out there and ease into the ski season. Come on out!


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