Days Are Getting Shorter Now

Well, it just turned summer and I can’t wait to get back to skiing. This is just a reminder that the days are getting shorter now. Loveland starts making snow in 3 months, too. Ski season will get here – it’s not that far away.

During the summer, I’m studying skiing. I want to keep things fresh in my mind. I’m also doing workouts to improve my legs and core. I’m out on my bike, too – pedaling around town. I think some yoga helps, too, because you build up your axillary muscles and it helps with balance.


When the fall rolls around, I’ll meet with other ski instructors again and we’ll do our dryland training to get ready for the season… that seems like the longest stretch for me. You just wait and wait for it to snow and there’s an orientation meeting and everything again.

Have a good summer!


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