2012-13 Ski Season Over

Vail-03-07-2013This season was a good and long season for me. It started in early November with a trip to Loveland Ski Area in Colorado and ended on April 7th at Vail, Colorado. It looks like I did 42 days of skiing this year. I had the two Colorado trips and then a trip up to the U.P. of Michigan as well as many days at Cascade which included doing the “Learn a Lifetime Sport” nights in January.

My skiing definitely improved this year – especially right at the end of the season. I got better at teaching as well. I think my movement analysis of skiers also got better – I’m seeing more things in people’s skiing than I used to.

What really makes a difference, I feel, is doing big mountain skiing. It’s so different than what’s in the Midwest. You improve quite a bit out there. Take some lessons here and then work on your skiing out there (and maybe take lessons out there, too).

Skiing really is a lifetime sport. One guy I know is 85 and he still skis. I just skied with a 72 year old for 3 days, too. It’s not too late to get into it. Don’t regret that you missed the opportunity to learn to ski. Yeah, there’s a learning curve at the beginning but if you have the right attitude, you can get over that. Once you have good control, it gets fun and addicting.

Again, what I can’t believe is that people would spend their time indoors watching TV or something when they could be outside really enjoying winter. You dress for the weather and it’s fine. The days with the crappiest road conditions are the days you want to be out there playing in the snow, so you plan for it and you’re fine.

I plan to do some posts over the summer about how and why someone would want to become a ski instructor. I have some ideas about how to write some of that up and it will also give some people a glimpse into our culture, which is really cool and fun. Some of the most fun people I know are people I’ve met out on the slopes.

Ski ya later!

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