Skiing Lessons in Full Swing

In December, I worked with training the new hires and the returning instructors and now skiing season is rocking.

cascade-01-01-2015I taught 3 lessons yesterday – one private and then two groups. They were all great.

The private ski lesson was a 13 year old named Lawson and he was really into sailing and was a hockey player. His turns resembled hockey stops, so we worked on getting him more on his toes instead of heels. Holding his arms out when he skied seemed to help him. He had nice, parallel left turns but his right turns still needed some work. It sounded like they would come back for more lessons.

The group ski lessons were fun. The snow on Schoolmarm and Bunny was perfect – probably the best snow on the hill yesterday. It was easy for my beginning students to learn to make turns and stop.

This week looks to be colder – like very cold. We’ll see how long this cold spell lasts… hopefully not like last year. My suggestion was to get out and ski in December, so I hope everyone took my advice. If not, pick a nice day to come out or else do what I do and dress for the weather.


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