Local Ski Lift Disaster at Devil’s Head

Yikes, you hate hearing stories like this – people getting injured using a ski lift. There was some sort of problem with the lift where people were going backwards for about 2 minutes. People were jumping off while others were somehow getting slammed into a wall or something. Three people were seriously injured and 14 went to the hospital. People were stranded on the lifts for hours.

Here are the news stories on this:


I actually never liked the lifts there. They are very old, center bar and slow. We’ll wait to hear what really happened. Again, you hate to hear this and it gives skiing as a sport a bad reputation. It is an extreme and dangerous sport though. I don’t know how Devil’s Head is going to recover from that. I’m a little surprised there’s no statement on their website yet but they may be reviewing this with their lawyers or something. You know there will be lawsuits.

Still, get out there and ski – it’s still fun and safe (for the most part)! 🙂


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