2010-2011 Ski Season Going Well!

I’ve been teaching a lot at Cascade and classes are going well! Here are some highlights:

PT People! – I had a group of Physical Therapists in a lesson a week or so ago. They were fun. They were all turning and stopping well and were fun to teach.

Chicago Group – A group this last weekend was really fun. They all did well. Sorry I didn’t get you your stickers but I’m glad I came on Sunday and helped to clear that up. Thanks for the beer, Kevin! It was nice meeting you all and I hope to see you again – maybe next year!

Samantha and Jake – This lesson was kind of funny. They were 6 and 11 years old (Jake turns 11 this next week). Samantha didn’t want to “do the pizza” and was crying a little. I got her cheered up and then later on, on the lift up, she said, “Remember when I was crying before? I was just faking it!” Ha!

The funny part, though, was when we got to the top of the lift was that she just had one ski on. I had to grab her off the lift because she wanted to stay on it, then I took off her other ski. As we were walking down, two guys showed up with her ski and her boot still in it! Her boots were not on tight enough. I guess you can’t trust parents to do that. Lesson learned!

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