Skiing in India?

Ok, I wasn’t skiing in India but got to teach of few people from Chennai how to ski.

Up at Cascade, we seem to get a lot of people in from the Chicago area. I ask them where they’re from and they just say "Chicago" instead of what actual suburb they’re in since they think I don’t know any of the suburbs. Well, I do know some of them and they’re impressed when that happens. What’s even more impressive is when I get to teach people from India. I ask where they’re from and they usually say where they’re living here in the US. I then ask where they’re from originally and they say "India" but that’s not good enough for me. I ask which city. When they say they’re from Chennai and I give an indication that I know where it is, they’re usually pretty surprised. When I can mention which parts of the city I know, their jaws usually hit the ground. It creates an instant connection and helps me teach and helps them learn.

Honestly, when I teach people from India how to ski, they are the most fun lessons. We don’t turn them into expert skiers but it’s a riot. When one person falls, they all laugh like crazy. If I can get them stopping and starting to make turns, then that’s success. They’re always smiling and they have fun experiencing the snow and learning something new. So I really had fun with them and I know there will be more lessons like that to teach.

I hope to take another trip over there in April. If I can avoid going in May, that would be good – way too hot then!

It was a cooler day on Saturday but there was sun. There were 2 races going on and also a PSIA event. We were short on instructors but did just fine. I had 2 group lessons and 1 private lesson. I lost my voice after the first lesson since I’ve been sick this last week but somehow got it back.

This next weekend is Presidents’ Day weekend and one of those where everyone from Chicago (suburbs!) come up to ski. It’ll be busy but fun.


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