Ski Season 2009-2010

I think the season’s going well so far. I’ve taught a bunch of lessons and have just been skiing up at Cascade Mountain. We’ve had good snow but the temps have been cooler than normal. This last week and right now we’re in a break from the cold temps, which is really nice. The snow, of course, is still great.

Last weekend was a holiday weekend – Martin Luther King Day, so I think everyone in Chicago came to Wisconsin. We must have had over 6,000 people there on Saturday – pretty easily. Some were still remaining there on Monday, just trying to get every last bit of vacation. Below are some pictures showing just how many people there were. Just wall to wall people. We had over 100 people for the 12:00 lesson and it was almost impossible to find somewhere to hold the lesson. But it was fun.

I like seeing all the people and meeting them. I met a nice gal from China, Sophie. She did well for her first time skiing. Also in that class, we had to nickname one girl "Crash Magnet" since she kept on getting into minor accidents. It was a fun lesson.

During January, I took part in teaching Cascade’s "Learn a Lifetime Sport" program. This is where I get the same students week after week for 3 weeks of lessons, an hour and a half each. I just had 3 people in my group: Jenn, Trina and Isaac. They all did great and we had a blast. Last night was the last lesson, so I took them up on what they thought was a pretty scary looking blue run (Manitou). And then since the North Wall was closed, we somehow made down a black diamond run, Anniversary. It took a while and there were some struggles but they seemed glad to have conquered so many tough runs. Good job, guys! There’s one picture of them here by the "Most Difficult" sign that I like at the top of Anniversary.

We’ll have another busy weekend when it’s Presidents’ Day but it’ll be fun. And a trip up to the U. P. is in the works. I’d love to head out West for some snow but there’s no trip planned yet – maybe late season, who knows?

Ski ya later!

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