Warm Day on the Snow

I think the threat of rain scared everyone away today. It’s usually pretty busy at Cascade but today… nope. I didn’t even get any lessons but had a fun day anyway. I took a clinic with Erika in the morning, then some free skiing with Bob and Jaime C. and then lunch up at the Daisy with the other Jaimie and Tom. We then headed over to the NASTAR race course. I able to get a bronze on my runs and had fun turning around the gates. It was good to see Todd in his skiis just 6 weeks after having knee surgery.

Since there were still no lessons, I rented a snowboard and spent over an hour on the green runs improving my snowboarding skills while throwing snowballs at as many co-workers I could find. I had a nice war going with Noah on every chair ride I took up and I got the lift attendants involved as well. After that, I was soaked – not from getting hit with snowballs though. It didn’t rain there but was so foggy that by that time, I was just wet head to toe so I called it a day.

I have to say that snowboarding is so much easier being about 30 pounds lighter now. Yeah, in just over a month, I’ve lost that much. I love it. None of my pants fit me anymore – even the ones I just bought are loose. I’m eating so much better and like what I’m eating. I cook about every meal myself but I don’t mind doing that after seeing the results. It’s a great way to start the year.

My brother, Mike, was in town this last week. We got to spend some time together as he stayed over at my place one night. We had 2 dinners with my folks – including my dad’s birthday – and it was nice having the whole family together again. Like my mom or dad said, it was like we hadn’t even been apart. I love that our family is like that.

Oh, I went to Beth and Ryo’s sendoff last week. Some old friends were there, which was cool. I can’t believe he’s done with school now. I think he’s been in school over 30 years. That’s not my style but good for him. Dr. Ryo. I’ll have an excuse to go up to St. Paul to visit them.

Ok, that’s it for now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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