Utah Ski Trip 2009

Making a snow angel. 

Well, we did another trip out to Utah again. Jason and I stayed at Dave’s place and another guy, Brian from Detroit, joined us this year.

Day One: The Canyons. Jason and Brian rented skis in town and Dave and I got a good deal on lift tickets to Snowbird when a lady approached us with a sob story about how their daughter got sick – score!

We then headed up to the mountains in Park City. I was back to a familiar place (and my request), we had a snowy day exploring the main runs. We had the "pair pass" (2 lift tickets, 2 burgers w/ fries and 2 drinks for $109) so we had a good lunch (great burger) and then I headed out on my own way for the remainder of the afternoon, which was about 2 hours. Jason droped a pole on the lift and, well, lost it.

At night, we found the Red Rock Brewing Company in downtown Salt Lake City after hitting the hot tub and having a few Wasatch Brewery beers (in the tub of course – outside).

Day Two: Snowbird. Big flakes were coming down in Salt Lake but it turned to rain before we gained some altitude. The day on the mountain was very snowy, cloudy and we had flat light (yuk). We started on the right side, which was alright but there were crazy lines. We kind of split up and I headed to the left. On my way over, I met a ski trip host who asked me what I wanted to ski. We hung out for about a half hour and he took me through "Chip’s Run" and "Who Dunnit". I had lunch, did some variations of that run up the Peruvian lift and then quit a little early since visibility was so bad.

We hit the hot tub again at night and chilled out. We were wiped and fell asleep shortly after watching Jurassic Park 2, which is still a good movie.

Day Three: Back to the Canyons! This time we stuck around the right side all morning. We had lunch at the Sun Lodge for our burger and soda. After lunch, I went and hit my favorite runs off of the Day Break and Dreamscape lifts. At about 2:32pm on Sunday, I had the best run of my trip with it being clear in front and in back of me. It was great!

That night we went to the Wasatch Brewing Company for some din din and ended up doing some beer tasting there. Jason and Brian returned their rental skis, boots and poles (or in Jason’s case… pole). The zipper on my suitcase broke, so I picked one up at Kohl’s out there (and got a good deal). We got back to Dave’s, hit the hot tub again and had a few.

We came up with a ton of inside jokes during the trip. It was nice having the hot tub at night. Too bad Dave is moving. Jason and I are thinking Tahoe next year, so we’ll see.

Below are some pictures. It was beautiful!


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