Going Skiing for the First Time?

Not Sure What to Expect?

I Used to Feel the Same Way

I was once a new skier and it doesn’t seem like it was too long ago. I remember how I felt. It was a little intimidating. I wasn’t sure what to expect and everyone was talking another language almost.

At that time, I really wish I had some sort of guide to help me understand how to start skiing, what to expect and what to focus on. Nothing like that was available then and there isn’t much available now, so I decided to write this book for you!

Get the Tips You Need

“Beginning Skiing: Tips for Beginners”

Beginning Skiing: Tips for Beginners BookI’ve been skiing for 25+ years and I’ve been a ski instructor for the last 10 seasons. I’ve taught a lot of beginning skiers who have never ever skied before. I know what questions they have and I know the things a lot of people do which could be done a better way.

A few, great tips can really make a difference on your first day of skiing. This book covers all of this.

In the book, I go over:

  • Equipment
    • Should You Buy or Rent Skis?
    • How Do You PROPERLY Put on Ski Boots?
  • Clothing
  • Planning Your Trip
  • Getting Physically Ready
  • The Night Before Your Trip
  • Your First Day of Skiing
  • What to Focus On
  • What to Do After Skiing
  • What to Do On Your Next Trip Back

My goal is to give anyone who is interested in skiing a good “heads up” on what to expect. I also wanted to send anyone who takes a ski lesson with me here to my website to get this book to help them remember what we went over in the lesson.

Table of Contents

Here’s a screen shot of the table of contents:

Table of Contents

Safety Matters

The topic I cover the most is safety. I go over the safety code and what each rule means. Getting familiar with these rules before you’re in the skiing environment will help you get prepared for the day.

I encourage anyone who wants to learn to ski, anyone who is going skiing for their first time or anyone who has only been skiing a few times and has questions to get this book. You’ll learn things you weren’t even thinking about and it’ll help you as you continue to participate in the sport.

It’s a 45-Page PDF Guide

Take the fear and wonder out of learning to ski
and get great tips to make your first time great!


Note: Skiing is an extreme sport and can be dangerous. It may result in serious injury, death, property damage and economic loss. If you are not prepared, you could get injured. Everyone out on the snow should follow and obey the Skier’s Responsibility Code. Ski at your own risk.