Harald Harb Ski Clinic

Harald HarbWe had a skiing clinic last night at Cascade. He got in a little late due to traffic but I’m glad I stayed around for it. We had 2 hours with Harald Harb and there were just 5 of us in the clinic, which was nice.

He mainly went over the movements required to make short radius turns but the principles he gave could be used in any part of skiing or any kinds of turns / arcs. My assignment for the rest of the season is to stay flexed, tip the uphill ski more and finish my turns.

He was showing us some great ways to minimize upper body movements and always be ready (“right and ready”) before committing to the next turn. I like how when you do this, your feet first get to neutral (the transition) and then your upper body then turns only after going into the next turn. That way, you’re truly working from the feet up and there’s less upper body winding up and unwinding going on.

Harald is a nice guy and great skier, of course. I plan to get some of his books and work on his system for a while since how he explains skiing really makes more sense to me than the myriad of terminology that the PSIA seems to want to throw around. I’ll take the best from each system.

Thanks, Harald!

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