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Well, ski and snowboard season is what? Like 2 to 3 months away still but I’ve got skiing on my mind!

In just two days, we start our dryland clinics at Cascade. Those should be fun and useful as I got for my Level 2 exam this year. We’ll talk about skiing, do presentations, do evaluations as we watch people ski on video, review skiing terminology and and come up with skiing lessons. Yeah, pretty geeky. Oh well, I like it.

Also, I’ve been working more on my skiing website that’s called Love to Ski and Ride. That site has articles having to do with skiing equipment and other things like how to start skiing, skiing tips and what to pack for your ski trip. It’s fun writing those articles and they seem to just flow since I know a lot about skiing. The things I don’t know much about, I get to research, which is kind of cool.

I plan to start off with 100 posts, so it should get full of information quickly and I want to get those done before ski season starts because at that point, I won’t have much time to write, of course! So go check it out if that’s something you’re interested in. If it’s not something you’re interested in, then why in the world are you still reading this?

Ski ya!

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