Skiing in September?

No, I haven’t gone skiing this month but we did have our first ski instructor ground school on Monday. We talked about a bunch of technical stuff. I’m going for my PSIA Level 2 Certification this year, so I’m trying to soak up as much "technical stuff" as I can to be ready. It’s a lot of terminology and often debates break about amongst the ski geeks about what some of the terms really mean. It’s more complex than I ever thought skiing was but it’s good.

And it was good to see the other instructors a little earlier this year instead of in early December. I like our crew at Cascade. There’s a lot of good knowledge there and you can tell they care about what they’re doing – especially since everyone’s there for free and not getting paid.

We’re just 2 short months away until the snow starts falling. I’ve heard it’ll be abother record breaking snowfall here in the Midwest, so if you haven’t learned to ski yet, what are you waiting for? It’s SO much nicer to learn on real snow that’s fresh instead of man made snow or ice. You’ll fall, but it’s a much softer landing on new snow and skiing is easier, too.

Ski ya later!

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