ski trip


U.P. Ski Trip Video

We got back from a guys’ ski trip up to the Upper Peninsula earlier this week and here’s a video from our trip. It was Jason, Jeremy, Adam, Kelly and I. We stayed at Indianhead Mountain Village and watched the Super Bowl in Bessemer, MI. We had an outdoor hot tub, interesting neighbors, played some […]

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Instructor teaching to a group

My First Time Snowboarding

Here are some pictures of the first time I learned to snowboard. What a noob I was! This was back in March of 2006, so 7 years ago. This was before I was a ski instructor, even. What happened was, my buddy, Karl, and I went up to Indianhead Mountain for a ski trip. The […]

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Winter Snow Forecast 2018-2019

March 2013 Ski Trip

If I go tonight (which I plan to – maybe, it’s snowing good today (I did end up going) but it’s pretty wet since it’s around 30 degrees), then I will have skied 5 times in the last 6 days. Nice! Here are some pictures from our trip to the Upper Penninsula (the “U. P. […]

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