Ski Clinic at Cascade

Last night we had our normal, Wednesday night clinics. We normally do a general clinic for an hour and then they do a certification clinic for an hour and half after that or sometimes there’s an alternate clinic.

The first one was on movement analysis and that was good. John first showed us how to do a soft focus and give general feedback. After that, we did 2 more runs and gave more specific feedback on a specific part of the person’s skiing. In this case, were were looking at the fall line part of the turn and if the skis were on edge or if there was rotary and then we quantified how much of that we saw. So that was good.

I didn’t do the cert clinic this time and instead did the other one where we used our poles in different ways – so I’m calling that the "Polish Clinic" since I’m part Polish.

That one was good, too. We did framing, holding our poles up, reaching with them, whiskers (holding them to the snow either downhill or with both poles) and holding our poles horizontally in front of us. The reaching one worked on counter balance and I liked that one the best.

But man was it cold. I remember in the morning thinking I didn’t need a coat as I was getting my coffee at Starbucks but wow, a front moved in and the temp must have dropped a good 40 degrees. The wind was going uphill and it was hard to get enough speed sometimes coming downhill. Weird. It was a mask night and we kind of cut it short since it was kind of miserable out there.

So a good couple of clinics.

Part of me is tired of the cold but then I remember that there’s only about 1 more month of skiing left and I man up and just take it. Two months from now, I’ll really want to ski so why pass up a chance now – even if it’s in crappy weather?


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