Ski Camp in the Rockies 2014

We had a fun camp this year with Erika and Arnie. I went during the 2nd week this year. We had great weather and even some fresh snow to start off with. Here’s a video I made – I decided to shoot more video instead of just take pictures and I think it turned out […]

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Get Fit for a Fun Ski Season

This is just a quick reminder about two things: Ski in December – it’s going to get COLD… get out while it’s still nice. Get your legs and body ready – a little exercise goes a long way. I already blogged about skiing in December but just know that there will be snow and it’s […]

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Take a Lesson in December

Ok, so it’s going to get really cold again this season. If you remember last year (who could forget?), you’ll remember that it was nice in December and then just colder than the North Pole the rest of the season… brrr! So, if you’re even thinking about getting outdoors this late fall or winter, get […]

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Free Skiing at Cascade Mountain

If you want to ski free at Cascade Mountain in Portage, WI, it’s easy – just become an instructor! You can instruct skiing or snowboarding or both. You can teach adults or kids (although teens now have to first teach kids). “But I’m Not Good Enough to Be a Ski Instructor” Yeah, that’s exactly what […]

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2014-2015 Winter Weather Forecast / Prediction

Ready to ski yet? Well, we’re past June 21st, so the days are getting shorter. In fact, during the weather forecast this morning, they said we just turned a corner and it’ll basically be getting cooler from now on until the end of February. The snow will be here before you know it! We’re getting […]

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End of Ski Season

Well, ski season for me has been over almost a month and I miss it already! I did a trip to Colorado where we went to Vail and Breckenridge, which was SO great. Awesome trip (see my 2013-14 Ski Season Wrap Up post). And I’m even starting to work on skiing again over the summer […]

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2013-2014 Ski Season Wrap Up

Well, it was a great season… as always. It was DARN cold but I got in a record amount of lessons… 81! Last year, I think was struggling to get past 40, so I taught twice as many ski lessons this year. Teaching Skiing The snow at Cascade was amazing this year. Seriously, I don’t […]

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What’s Up With DIN Settings on Skis?

This season, I’ve had some people show up with some pretty weird DIN settings on their skis. Mine are at 7 for my height, weight and skiing ability. I had a guy taller than me with a few more pounds had his set at like 4. WAY too low. He kept popping out. It was […]

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Presidents Day Weekend Skiing

It was another busy weekend at Cascade on Presidents Day weekend. The weather was really good, too – especially Sunday. I had a number of private lessons, some beginner group lessons and an intermediate group lesson or two as well. People take advantage of private lessons so that they can skip in line during these […]

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Busy 2014

I’ve been teaching skiing so much that it’s been hard to find time to post about what’s going on. I had a private lesson last weekend with a kid named Christian. He skied with Pete the day before and Pete told me about him, so I was able to continue with what he was teaching […]

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