My Beginner Ski Lesson

"My Beginner Ski Lesson" by Tony HermanA Beginner Ski Lesson Written Out

This book is my general beginning skiing lesson all written out. Of course, I do change it up depending on the group or for other reasons but this is the general lesson I teach to people who have never, ever skied before.

When you read this book, you’re getting what I would say during my beginner ski lesson. Of course, just reading it is nothing compared to doing it and taking a lesson from me but I decided to make this book available for a few reasons.

1. To Accompany the Level 1 Book

I am including this book with another book I’ve published, which helps ski instructors pass their Level 1 PSIA exam. Whenever ski instructors hear other instructors give lessons, we usually pick up one or more things that we like and want to include in our own lessons when we teach new students. Seeing what another, experienced instructor teaches is therefore helpful.

2. For Those Who Have Taken My Beginner Lesson

I think this book may help students of mine who have taken a lesson from me or even from another ski instructor. They can read this book and remember parts from the lesson that they might not have picked up or want to review.

3. Interested in Taking a Ski Lesson?

This book might help someone who wants to learn to ski and is wondering what a beginner ski lesson might be like. They can read this book and then go into their lesson a little more prepared and maybe have more success in the lesson since the live lesson won’t be the first time they’re being presented with this information.

Yeah, this is a beginner ski lesson you read. For some people, they learn better when they see the words. I haven’t seen many beginning skiing lessons that can be read so if this is what you’re looking for, it may help you.