2014-2015 Winter Weather Forecast / Prediction

Ready to ski yet?

Well, we’re past June 21st, so the days are getting shorter. In fact, during the weather forecast this morning, they said we just turned a corner and it’ll basically be getting cooler from now on until the end of February. The snow will be here before you know it! We’re getting there.

Here’s this year’s report or weather forecast for the 2014-15 ski season:

2014 -2015 Winter Weather Forecast / Prediction From The Weather Centre (unofficialnetworks.com)

I just hope it’s not as cold as last season… wow, that was something.

Some more:

Ski ya!

UPDATE 08-12-2014

Something else I found:

Brace yourself for another polar vortex — in September (nypost.com)

The National Weather Service, however, is calling for above-average temperatures across the northern Rockies, Plains and Midwest states, including Chicago, over the November-to-January period.

So maybe we won’t be freezing our feet off. As long as it’s cold enough to make snow, that’s fine with me!


UPDATE 08-20-2014

And another:

20 Signs of a Snowy Winter in 2015 (unofficialnetworks.com)

They think it’ll be kind of harsh… which means lots of snow!


UPDATE 08-21-2014

The Farmer’s Almanac is saying cold and snow but a warmer summer following the winter:

Almanac predicts colder winter, hotter summer (hosted.ap.org)

Snow in mid-December and February!


UPDATE 08-25-2014

More from the Farmer’s Almanac


This is from here:

Farmers’ Almanac 2015 Winter Weather Prediction | Forecast (unofficialnetworks.com)

The Farmers’ Almanac has just released their 2015 Winter Weather Forecast for the United States and Canada. The publication is forecasting that three-quarters of the United States will see below-average temperatures this winter with average or above average snowfall. According to their forecast, the Northeast will see a “wintery” winter with ample amounts of snowfall.

Here’s the Farmer’s Almanac article:

More Shivery And Shovelry! Read Our 2015 Winter Forecast (farmersalmanac.com)

According to the 2015 edition of the Farmers’ Almanac, the winter of 2014–15 will see below-normal temperatures for about three-quarters of the nation. A large zone of very cold temperatures will be found from east of the Continental Divide east to the Appalachians. The most frigid temperatures will be found from the Northern Plains into the Great Lakes.


UPDATE 09/09/2014

And then watch out for the fake winter predictions… they’re out there:

Record-shattering snow this winter? Don’t fall for it (washingtonpost.com)

The same satire Web site that announced Betty White dyed (her hair) last week, now proclaims  epic snows will bury the U.S. this winter.


“As of 9:00AM, the Empire News hoax has nearly 400,000 shares on Facebook despite the fact that the social media site added a giant “SATIRE” label to the article,” writes Dennis Mersereau at Gawker’s weather blog, The Vane.


UPDATE 09/24/2014

I think this is the only one I’ve seen so far where they’re saying it’ll be warmer and drier… I’m not buying it:

Prediction calls for warmer, drier winter (channel3000.com)


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